Case Study: Android based job finding app

Client Background:

This is basically a company which wishes to rank number one in job placements domain. Their objective is to provide job finders a free tool to find the job that suits them best according to the parameters they wish for and similar is the perspective for the organizations finding the talent suiting the positions they are looking forward to.

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project is to create a platform for job finders who should be able to download the free Android and iOS apps to find the job that suits them best! This app should facilitate app users to look out for job in their nearby locality ranging from 3 miles to 25 miles and also should be able to select appropriate expectations for finding the right job as well as upload their resumes and share the job postings on their social network.


Mobile apps were developed to address the needs mentioned above. First of all, this app was introduced as free tool to find the right job. As soon as user downloads and installs the app, user had facility to register himself and set his expectations about the salary he expects, type of job he expects, distance he is willing to travel and also the job specialties he is proficient in! All of these was provided with an intuitive User Interface considering the ease of job search expected by the individual looking out for a job!

The pins are plotted based on the radius plotted considering the distance this user is willing to travel for respective job. 3 miles addition is considered for him to offer more jobs suiting his criterial and these pins are highlighted with lighter blue color.

Overall, job finding is made easier, faster and exciting!



  • iOS –Objective C
  • Android
  • Project / File Versioning is maintained on SVN