Case Study: Virtual Runner Tablet App

Project Purpose:

Following is the purpose of this project.

  • An iPad and Android Tablet application which will help user to run a race on tread mill by watching a predefined race videos.
  • Interface to external fitness devices will be provided such as FootPod, Heart Rate monitor using (ANT+ and BLE).
  • User will be able to purchase and download the Race videos using Google play and iTunes platform.


Virtual Runner is designed to work WITH the existing treadmill and iPad. Courses are available for through inApp purchases. You can control the speed of the video manually or for a more interactive experience, you can add an ANT+ or BLE device.

  • ANT+ is the wireless protocol found in most of today's most popular sports watches and accessories.
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a wireless technology standard for personal area networks. BLE is targeted for very low power devices, devices that can run on a coin cell battery for months or years.

Attach the ANT+ foot pod to your shoelace and plug in the ANT+ connector to your iPad. (On screen heart rate monitor display is available as an optional feature as well with an ANT+ compliant heart rate strap) Next, you select which video or videos wish to view and start the program. After a brief countdown, your video begins to play on your iPad or HDTV connected (via AirPlay) as you run, the foot pod transmits your pace to the wireless receiver. This data is read by the Virtual Runner Software, which adjusts the speed of the video based on this data. If you run faster, the video will speed up. If you slow down, the video will slow down. See your overall time, average pace, distance covered (by mile or km) cadence and heart rate. Virtual Runner is sure to make time fly and improve your overall treadmill experience.


Sign In:

Feature for user to sign in via social media apps like twitter or facebook. After sign in user will be able to share their race information on the respective social media site.


Feature for user to link their outside interactive account, after linking user will have access to all videos purchased from any outside interactive video source. A web service call will be made to authenticate the key

Video Library:

This screen will show you the list of videos you have owned and downloaded on the device for user to run virtual race. User can download or copy the video to device using iTunes connect. The video file is downloaded in OIR format.


Feature for user to view the past race run history details. On this screen user can view the races they have run in graphical or tabular view. User will also get a feature to clear the past race run history if they want. Following information will be shown:

  • Race Date Time
  • Distance Covered
  • Time
  • Average Pace
  • Video on which user has run the race


PR Records:

Feature for user to view their Personal Race information for respective videos they have run. Following information will be shown to user:

  • Race Date Time
  • Distance Covered
  • Time
  • Average Pace
  • Video on which user has run the race

Answers and Help:

Feature for user to view the Answers and Help information – this content is.

Device Setup:

Feature for user to configure their Footpod and Heart Rate device. User will get following option on this screen

  • Option to connect either ANT+ or BLE device.
  • Calibration Factor – Feature to set the calibration facto to match the pace with the connected device.
  • Connection Status – After connecting device user will get the status of the connected device.



Feature for user to shop for a video – a list of video will be fetched using the web service, user will get an option to view the video images an purchase the video using iTunes or Play store

Run Race Remotely:

Feature for user to run a race remotely a list of remote race will be shown to user, User will need to enter an activation code for participating in the remote race. After successful completion of the race user race information will be submitted to server.



Feature for user to view the messages announcement from the outside interactive.

Run A Race:

Using this feature user will be able to play a video and run a race. In case if user is connected a Foot pod or Heart Rate device the video pace will be adjusted based on the pace information received from the device. All the information captured will be shown on real-time. Following information is shown to user on video screen:

  • Elapsed time
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Heart Rate
  • Cadence

In case user doesn’t have a device connected they can manually adjust the pace by tapping on increment pace “+” or decrement pace “-“button shown after tapping on the full screen video.



  • iOS – Objective C
  • Android
  • Project / File Versioning is maintained on SVN