Case Study: Gaming Application

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project is to create a gaming application which should be addictive for the end users to spread a word of mouth. The app should have multiple games wherein new games can be plugged in later date. Moreover, it should award complete flexibility to the backend administrators to manage the gaming content at an ease. Primary objective of the application is to produce ana lytical reports based on user’s age, gender, demographics and the games they play most etc.


An intuitive user interface was provided for the equally challenging gaming application. Backend was provided for the Administrators to provide a complete flexibility for managing respective games. This content management system not only helped manage the game content but also the end user gamification user experience. Dynamic reporting feature was provided for producing analytical reports to gauge the response to respective games by the users based on their location/demographics/age-groups/genders etc. A compact, yet complete backend solution to manage almost every feature in the app was designed and deployed at client’s end.

On the front end i.e. the mobile app, the User Interface provided was thoughtful and in-line with gamification UX. Dynamic animations were provided which added a delight factor to the user experience end user had! Video Tutorials as well as intuitive workflows made it easy for the end user to understand the games and earn the Crowd Coins to play further games. It also had integrated social sharing feature which help app users share their winning/losing experiences on the social media like Facebook and Twitter with the real snapshots of the game/instance they played! App succeeds in creating addiction to the end users to return to the app and play games every day and thus spread the word of mouth!

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  • PHP - Laravel Framework
  • My SQL

OS – Objective C


roject / File Versioning is maintained on SVN