Case Study: Microsoft Application development and Implementation

Client Background:

Client is an award winning, global provider of enterprise-grade technologies for the hospitality industry. Their cloud based solution set includes Point-of-Sale, Property Management, Spa, and Workforce Management systems; all centered on our patented mobile marketing technology.

Project Purpose:

There are multiple projects that we have worked on for this client on a dedicated developer engagement model. The client is with Aress since past 4 years and has hired team of 5 dedicated Microsoft Engineers for ongoing project requirements. As per the flow of requirements, the team size keeps changing.


POS Web Application

“POS Web Application” is a part of company’s POS systems, which is used to manage the POS BOH (Back Of House –Back Office system). This web application is implemented in using ASP.Net MVC 4.0 and SQL Server 2012 as a database backend.

This application works in synchronization with a desktop application i.e. POS system. Various functionalities of POS system are managed through web application. Some of the features are as mentioned below:

User and user role management:

Using this feature, administrator user can manage other users and their roles in the system. Functionalities in this modules includes features such as: add new user in the system, edit the details of existing user, deactivate or re-activate the user and delete the user. Also application user will able to specify the roles for available user in the system.

Access Level specifications:

Using this feature the administrator user can able to set the access levels for the available users in the system. This allows user to define access levels and restrict the access for users for defendant modules in the system.

Product management, Order details, Discount management

Using these modules, user can able to manage products and discounts in the system and view the order details that are generated from desktop POS application.

Control the various POS terminals available in the network

Using this feature user can be able to control the available POS terminals configured in the system. User can able to “Restart” or “Shutdown” all terminals by one click. User can select one of the terminal to “Restart” and “Shutdown”.


Report generation:

Using this feature the application user will be able to generate the different reports available in the system. User can email and print the generated report data.


System Log

Using this feature user can able to view the user-wise activities or operations performed in the web application.

Web application installation

This is the special feature implemented in the application. “Skywire POS Web Application” installer provides a very simple way to setup the web application on server in IIS. User is provided with installer, after running the setup user will be able to user the site directly.

Time Card Monitor system

SkyWire TCM is a cloud based Web application implemented in ASP.Net MVC 5.0 and SQL Server 2014 as a database backend where the Time Attendance devices sends user data that included user information as well as attendance logs to the Centralized database via the web services implemented using PUSH SDK. Following are some of the important modules implemented in this web application:

People List

This module shows employees details available in the system, administrator can add/edit/delete users from this section


This module allows administrator to configure Time attendance device specific setting from the web application. This includes device diagnostic utility, pay period setting, etc.

Admin Permission Groups

Super Administrator user can setup access permissions for other users of the system.

Employee Schedules

A change for particular day in an employee's schedule is made from this module. User will see List of employees with their weekly schedule for current week. Calendar interface is also there to select day for which user want to change schedule for selected employee. User can also search for particular employee to change his/her schedule for any particular day.


Reporting module implemented using Telerik reports provides different types of reports the administrators for analysis. Such reports includes Time attendance reports, event log reports, etc.

Gift Card system

Gift Card is an ASP.Net MVC 5.0 web application that allows administrators to manage campaigns and gift cards and users to track gift card balances. Various Gif Card related functionalities of the system are managed through web application. Some of the features are as mentioned below:

Web Services

Purpose of these services would be to allow POS desktop application to search, issue, and redeem the gift cards that are managed from Gift Cards Web Application.

  • Look-up service: Thisservice returns the Gift card information based on the card id passed to it as a parameter.
  • Issuance service: this service mails the gift card details to the user from the user id parameter passed to the service.
  • Redemption service: This service is responsible for redemption of the gift card based on the provided parameters to the service i.e. User Id, Gift Card Id, redemption date, redemption amount.

Campaigns Dashboard

This section provides the listing of the campaigns setup in the system, User can add / edit / delete campaigns from the section

Gift Card

Gift cards are associated with campaigns, User can manage the gift cards from this section. End users can purchase these gift cards using PayPal Payments and further can redeem them from any POS application.

Short Code Generation Process

Using this feature short code for purchasing gift cards for particular campaign is gets created. This short code can be placed on any of the Third Party websites.

Reports Delivery Module

Proposed SkyWire Report Delivery Module would be a Windows application that would be implemented for automating the SkyWire POS reports delivery functionality through the means of printer, email or SMS.

This application would comprises in following two parts:

  • SRDM configuration utility –This would be a WPF application that would provide an GUI for setting up report delivery jobs and their destinations (e.g. Email, Printer, SMS)
  • Windows Service–This would be Windows Service application that will be responsible for executing the scheduled job at their configured destinations.



  • Microsoft .Net technologies
  • MS SQL

Project / File Versioning is maintained on GIT